Ingredients Don’t Come Fresher



These Bears might only have a standard suburban block, but we manage to grow a good portion of the veges we need for the eleven of us.


Plus we have fruit: two plum trees, two mandarins, a lemon, a lime, two blueberry bushes, three feijoa trees, which virtually constitute a hedge, strawberries, cape gooseberry, rhubarb and ever-dying passionfruit.

Because I’m notorious at losing loose scraps of paper that accompany me to the garden and would help my planning next year if I didn’t lose them, I typed them into my virtual garden notebook, which had the unexpected, but welcomed result of causing me to *do* more to have more to write about! The garden has never been so productive and my learning has increased steadily.



  1. I just love the richness of colour in all your photos!
    This is what good, nutritious food is all about. Thank you for sharing your wealth or experience and knowledge. I’m going to use one of your relish/chutney recipes to help absorb the glut of tomatoes and give us something interesting for winter sandwichs. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Hi, thanks for throwing a wonderful blog party!
    I love to garden and I’m going to go check out your garden notebook…..
    Have a wonderful day!

    O, please stop by my party if you can!

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