Once upon a time there were three little bears. A Father Bear, a Mother Bear and a Baby Bear. Then along came another seven bears, although one of them with her long blonde curls, was more like Goldilocks. Perhaps our family would fit into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs better, but friends have been calling us The Bears for years now, so it wouldn’t do to change that, and there weren’t eight dwarfs anyway. The little bears would often go traipsing through the forest along the driveway to Grandfather’s house, as he lived next door and it was more fun to run over to his house to call him to dinner than to use the telephone.

All Of The Bears dream of one day living on a piece of land big enough to grow beanstalks that jack can climb and have bridges for their goats to trip trap trip trap over (perhaps even with a troll underneath). There will be frogs that might turn into princes and ugly ducklings swimming on the pond.

But for now they live in a gingerbread cottage on a suburban block with a learner’s vege garden. They enjoy taking Cinderella rags and transforming them with the stroke of a wand needle. Like the little Red Hen, they sweep and dust and weed, although some of the little bears are more like the cat and the dog and the mouse with their “Not I”-s. Unlike the Little Red Hen, they do not take their wheat to the mill to be ground into flour. They grind their own and then bake their (usually sourdough) bread. And this here blog will be a wee story of their Kitchen and Crafting Capers.

Just so you know, all those highlighted phrases take you to other BearBlogs. And there’s one more: before they get to their DreamLand, they’ll be seeing the world. If you see them somewhere along the way, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just bumped into the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Can you tell we like stories?
Me writing a blog is not a surprise. I like to write. But to write about cooking…..well, I don’t even like to cook. At least, not much. It’s just I’d rather be doing other things. But the fact is you need food to survive and so we cook every day round here. Crikey, the kids are asking what’s for dinner tomorrow night when their last mouthful of tonight’s dinner is not even swallowed, let alone digested. Never a chance of NOT COOKING. 
Plus, we’re a bit fanatical and are trying to avoid all the nasties being put in food by Big Food Companies, which means having to make almost everything ourselves from scratch….nice thing is, we know some other fanaticists as well, and lots of them ask me (oops, exucse me, that was very rude of me, to start laughing right in your face, yes excuse me while I just pick myself up off the floor and regain a little composure, ahem, now where were we?), oh yes, people ask *me* (me who neither enjoys cooking, nor manages much more than basic, functional, fill-your-tummy cooking) how to bake bread or what to do with A Whole Chicken or how to ferment vegetables (OK, so they don’t all ask about my lacto-fermented veges, but I know they laugh about it and pull funny faces, don’t they *insert your own name here if you have been guilty of doing this*?)……

So low and behold, here we have *foodie things* blog. But don’t expect *gourmet*….my very rude honest sister-in-law gave me a Destitute Gourmet Cookbook for Christmas one year with the cheeky accurate comment that we had the destitute bit down pat, now it was time for a bit more *gourmet*. Funny thing is, we haven’t done much with the gourmet bits of the book, but I was excited to discover you can make spaghetti sauce with Just Lentils instead of lotsa-lentils-and-a-little-bit-of-mince;-)

Having said that, I am challenged not to skimp too much on food. Organic food is more expensive, but gives you more nutrients for your calorie count and may even be more economical in the long run, although the upfront cost can take away your appetite. The logical conclusion for us was to *grow* as much as we can……and of course, I write about it.

So home-grown, home-cooked…..we’re on a quest to re-discover local seasonal eating.
homeGROWN photos                      homeCOOKED photos



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