Posted by: Rachael | July 28, 2010

Beetroot Bimbo

Once upon a time right into my adulthood, I thought beetroot came from a can. What a surprise to discover someone cooking them one day. Even more so to find a friend who grew them. Now we do both.

Cold Beetroot
Boil whole
Put in bowl
Cover with a mixture of half water in which beets were boiled and half vinegar
Season with salt and pepper
Serve cold with salads or in hamburgers

Hot Beetroot
Boil whole
Heat 1/2 C of water from the cooking and 1/2 C vinegar
Season and thicken with cornflour mixed with water
Add beetroot and cook until warmed through

Beetroot and Apple
Boil whole
Peel and chop half the amount of apples to beetroot
Chop two onions
Mix all with a lump of butter, salt and quite a lot of nutmeg in a pot
Cover and cook for one hour on a very low heat
Stir occasionally


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