Posted by: Rachael | July 9, 2010

as promised…..

Mrs T’s most awesome lemon syllabub with gingernuts.
Absolutely The Best.
Serves 4 (which makes it just plain decadent)

500ml double cream
1 lemon, zest and juice
1 lime zest and juice
75g icing sugar
50g (or 5) gingernut biscuits (see below)
1.       Pour the cream into a large bowl and sift in the icing sugar. Grate the zest of the lemon and lime and squeeze in the juice from both – straining through a sieve to avoid any pips. Whisk the cream until it just begins to reach stiff peaks.
2.       Lightly crush 4 of the biscuits with your fingers and divide into the bottom of the serving glasses. Reserve the last biscuit as a garnish.
3.       Spoon the syllabub into glasses. If you have time at this stage you can refrigerate the syllabubs four a couple of minutes to help them set.
4.       Use a grater to finely grate the remaining biscuit and serve
2 cups plain flour
1 cup caster sugar
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch salt
2 tsp ground ginger
125g butter
1 small egg
1 tsp golden syrup
1. Sift into basin, flour sugar, soda, cinnamon, salt and ginger.
2. Rub in butter until mixture has a very fine crumb consistency.
3. Beat egg with golden syrup, add to dry ingredients. Work into a firm dough with hand.
4. Take teaspoons full of the mixture, roll into small balls and place on a lightly greased tray about 5cm apart. Bake in a moderately slow oven about 15 minutes. Loosen biscuits and cool on the tray. Makes about 40 biscuits.


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