Posted by: Rachael | July 1, 2010


Despite psychological protests, these are a favourite. They can be eaten as the title suggests, in a burger, or as an entree on top of a bed of fancy lettuce with a dollop of chutney or chilli sauce on top, or as the main dish with lots of vegetables on the side. They would even make good “meatballs” in a spaghetti sauce. The jury is out on whether they would work in a curry sauce. But however you eat them, they are cheap and a fantastic way to use up the copious quantities of bran we end up with when sifting our flour.

1 onion, finely chopped
1t olive oil
   Saute until tender

1T green curry paste
   Add and saute 1 minute

3C brown lentils, cooked and mashed
1 1/2C bran
1C fresh breadcrumbs
1/2C fresh coriander
2 eggs, lightly beaten
   Add and mix well
   Form into patties (~1/3C each) (or meatballs)

Extra olive oil and butter
   Fry until golden brown on both sides

Recipe courtesy of KarenN



  1. Mmmmm… I’m definitely going to try this one Rach! Great to see you back too!

  2. The recipe sounds really interesting! I will try this soon. Thanks for sharing.

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