Posted by: Rachael | July 1, 2010

carpet stains

It’s all very well knowing that there were natural recipes before the invention of chemical concoctions, but you gotta know what they are if you want to use them. I have collected many on scraps of paper over the years, but never been able to lay my hands on them when in an emergency.
I learnt after the event, that if you spill red wine on your daughter’s brand new cardigan, you should pour white wine on it immediately. Being Christmas Day when this happened, there was plenty of both available, but I did not yet know this old wive’s tale. All I can say is that simply soaking in cold water does nothing. The second occasion that gave cause for this new-found information to be tried, proved it to be successful! Even if we did have to open a new bottle of wine;-)

And carpet stains……..if a good scrub with baking soda does not work, the following is supposed to:

6T vinegar
6T white methylated spirits
1/2l water


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