Posted by: Rachael | April 5, 2010

decision time

We’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen – a very authentic pad thai, almost a dozen batches of hot cross buns for Easter, more pickled chillies, all sorts of breads, homegrown salads…..but you’d never know, judging by the activity on the blog (or lack thereof). One week off due to getting bogged down in another project was followed by a somebody-here-for-dinner-every-night week, and when we came up for air I realised I’d been thinking!

I started this blog for the children, somewhere to record our family recipes.
We tripped off around the globe for a year and concentrated our efforts on that blog…and in the process picked up a few new friends (aka readers). I’ve found this blog has now turned to writing to them and not to the children….but, as much as I might enjoy their/your feedback and offline discussions, I’m not really all that enthusiastic about food writing. (I *am* passionate about books and reading and education and that’s where I got sidetracked to a few weeks back) I am keen to get back to the book-writing I have begun (not a book written by me, but a blog about books I’ve read), but I am not allowing myself to pick that up until I have completed this little project. So in the interests of finishing in a timely fashion, I will, from now on, simply be posting recipes. No pictures. No stories. No flashbacks to exotic kitchens. Just the facts – addressed to the kiddies – in an effort to Get It Done.


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