Posted by: Rachael | March 16, 2010

I spent very little money – but half the day!

I didn’t realise there were seven kilos of kiwifruit in each box that we picked up for two dollars each last week. If I had I may have left one for someone else. One box went into the Resurrection Chutney posted about yesterday. That still left seven kilos of fruit-that-needed-using-immediately.
Knowing I had made kiwifruit jam before I serached this here blog for the recipe, only to discover we didn’t have the gazillion lemons required – in fact we had only one half. So I chopped it up finely, skin and all, added it to six chopped apples, 6kg of kiwifruit and 10cm of fresh ginger, chopped very finely. It simmered away til it was mush (actually I helped it along with the whizz stick after an hour or so), then gulped and added six cups of sugar, and stirred a bit longer, moving only to allow a nine-year-old boy to vacuum under my feet – when boys voluntarilly get the vacuum cleaner out, you do not object!
So now we have another kiwifruit jam recipe.
And if we tire of them, apparently it’s really nice with a couple of bananas thrown in with half a kilo of kiwifruit – and the juice of *three* lemons.



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