Posted by: Rachael | March 13, 2010

“Please remember Mama….”

“…to get the recipe from Mrs T for the dessert she brought last Saturday.”

Yes, it was the best dessert we have ever eaten, better even than the Greek semolina that we thought could never be bettered. Better even than chocolate in any of its many forms. Better even than strawberries, warm from the garden.

Recipe Coming.


  1. better than chocolate….I really have to see (& taste) this dessert!

  2. Now I know you’re just being a tease- not even a hint of what this amazing taste treat is, and I’m sitting here with nothing for desert but a candy bar I don’t terribly want.

  3. […] Mrs T’s most awesome lemon syllabub with gingernuts. Absolutely The Best. Serves 4 (which makes it just plain […]

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