Posted by: Rachael | March 11, 2010

b is for bean

it’s so nice to be eating things we planted as seeds only six weeks ago

it’s so hard to comprehend
that we have only been back in the country for two months

it’s a little bit hard to be patient for the piece of land we are waiting for

By the way, do I need to write a recipe for saute in butter and garlic?



  1. mmm beans are pretty much a nightly staple here, though due to pathetic crops usually from the freezer 😦

    however… happy to “watch this space” but NOT happy to wait!! c’mon fess up some more details!!

  2. We’re in waiting-for-mortgage purgatory, so I hope you’re having better luck than us (almost three months and we STILL don’t know if we have the house!)

    I wish I had a spot to grow some runner beans like that, they look amazing.

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