Posted by: Rachael | March 10, 2010

Gobi Pasties

We ate Cornish Pasties one day in Cornwall.

Another day we watched a guy making them…and ate some more.

And last week, Jboy14 made us some of our own. We will never forget them. He did not realize that when the recipe called for 4T of beef stock, it meant the real thing, not beef stock *powder*. He tripled the recipe, but feeling that really was too much he only doubled the amount of stock powder 😉 And being fairly certain it would be salty, he reduced the amount of salt to two thirds what it should have been.
Turns out he was right. They WERE salty. But he’ll know for next time – and there will be a next time, because in spite of the thirst-creating saltiness that made us think of th Gobi Desert more than Cornwall, they were actually very tasty.

Cornish Pasties, makes 4

225g plain flour
pinch salt
1 egg
100g soft butter
Knead everything together quickly, cover and leave in the fridge for one hour. (Note: do not leave in the fridge for six hours or it will be so hard you’ll have to wait an hour for it to thaw out a bit!)

1 medium potato, peeled and diced finely
1 shallot, peeled and diced finely
150g stewing beef, cut into very small pieces
4T meat stock (that would be the liquid variety!!)
1t salt
1/2 t white pepper (black works fine)
1t dried thyme (we used lots of fresh because it’s in the garden)
Mix and divide into four equal portions.
Divide the pastry into four as well. Roll each into an 18cm round.
Spoon filling onto the centre of the pastry.

1 egg yolk, beaten with 2t water
Brush around the edges of the pastry.
Fold rounds in half and press the edges together, making a fancy pattern if desired. Coat the tops with the remianing egg yolk.
Bake at 190°C for 25 minutes. Turn the oven down to 170°C for a further 20 minutes.



  1. Oh yes, Cornish pasties in Cornwall brings back good memories – I am sure my kids will make good use of this recipe!

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