Posted by: Rachael | March 8, 2010

do you ever…..

….have one of those weeks where every single day you are out or someone comes over, and every evening you end up with a meeting or something on that requires you to go out or cook for extras who are coming for dinner? That was us last week. The only reason any posts appeared was that I had got ahead of myself and postdated a few! But they ran out before I could get anywhere near the computer.
Back on track this week.



  1. ya-ha, that’s the kind of week I had last week too….but I bet your house is still tidy – my kitchen bench alone is one clutter zone!

  2. ha *never*!! perhaps because of the lack of meat in our house.. most people we know still really can’t quite comprehend what we ‘subsist’ on 😉

  3. OK Nova.
    So we turn vego and we won’t be busy any more???? 😉

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