Posted by: Rachael | March 3, 2010


The kids are wondering what the *easiest* quickest meals to prepare are.

Roast anything (chicken, beef, lamb or even just vegetables) is a winner, because you simply throw everything into the oven and come back an hour or so later.

This, then, generally gives rise to chicken stock, which can be the base for any soup (another throw it all in the pot and come back later deal).

Baked beans utilises the same technique.

Stew is the same again.

What about you? What easy meals do you cook?



  1. our standard fast food here is fried eggs (with runny yolk) on white rice with a dash of soy sauce. And just to feel a bit healthier – we’d have sliced cucumber for the “green” part of the meal.

    Another quick one a regular here is salad tossed with cooked morsels/strips of lamb or chicken. Or sometimes, with crumbed fish (of the frozen-into-oven kind) cut into strips.

    Stir-frys is always quick too.

  2. at our place we pull out the lettuce and salad toppings and maybe some cut up veggies from yesterdays lunch. Easy!

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