Posted by: Rachael | March 2, 2010

ginger beer

Ginger beer can be made with a bug. Bugs need feeding and while I *should* be able to feed the beer bug when I feed the sourdough starter, it has never been enough of a priority to bother with. Besides, I think fizzy drinks rot teeth and so I am reluctant to make them!
But, I have allowed the kids to make ginger beer on the odd accasion, and it serves a good purpose – they get to see just how much sugar goes into such a small amount of drink!

1/2t sugar
3T warm water
1/4t yeast
   Mix together and let sugar dissolve

1C sugar
juice and rind of one lemon
1T ground ginger
2T fresh ginger, bruised
1C boiling water
   Mix and let sugar dissolve, then leave for 20 minutes
   Pour through a sieve into a jug
   Pour into a 1.5l bottle
   Top up to 2/3 full with water
   Add the yeast mixture with enough water to leave only a 5cm gap.
   Screw on lid and when the bottle is hard, place in the fridge until cold.

An easier, less sweet, but still sugar-y recipe:

Partly fill a 2l bottle with lukewarm water.
Add 1 1/4t dried ginger, 1t yeast, 3/4C caster sugar.
Fill to just below the top with water.
Let it froth over (good idea to put it in a bucket or the sink)
Cap and chill.

PS Mama tends not to drink fizzy drinks. She has no fillings.
      Dadda likes his fizz. He had to have some fillings last week! <wink>


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