Posted by: Rachael | February 22, 2010

chocolate cake

Exactly a year ago we were eating The Most Amazing Chocolate Gateau we were to find on our whole trip. We would not have expected to find the best *european* masterpiece in China, but that’s where it was, the mountain-surrounded town of Yangshuo to be exact. The day was cold enough to warrant the wearing of thermal underwear, the guesthouse would not use heaters and the tile floors were slippery with condensation. But there was chocolate cake for the birthday boy, complete with summery strawberries that came from who-knows-where in the middle of winter.

Tonight we had another chocolate birthday cake. With strawberries. AND blueberries. And we know exactly where they came from – our summer garden. There were no chocolate mousse layers, but there was lots of whipped cream, and boysenberry jam. The cake was not fluffy like the Chinese one, but it was smothered in ganache and choccy shavings, and it’s the recipe we always use.

Our Always Works Chocolate Cake

2C flour
1 1/2-2C sugar
1t baking soda
1t baking powder
3/4C cocoa
   Mix in a bowl

1/2C oil
2 eggs
1t vanilla essence
1C black coffee (instant is fine)
1C milk
   Add to dry ingredients. Pour ito a greased tin.
   Bake at 180°C for 30-40 minutes.



  1. WE LOVE this cake. Despite not being a huge fan of cream it is compulsory to have some on the side;-)

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