Posted by: Rachael | February 17, 2010

once upon a time a long time ago

We have a friend. She loves to make people happy. She especially loves to make people happy through their stomachs.
She has a husband. A husband, who used to work for a pretty posh school.
One day he brought home a couple of colleagues (or Someone Important). For dinner.
Aha, no problem for the Kitchen Queen.
Except that this particular day she was run off her feet and Not Quite Ready. But she is not easily flustered and being very outgoing and constantly chatty, she invited the Important Guests into her kitchen while she finished up. Believing she was not moving outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour for a school teacher’s wife, she asked one of the guests if he would mind throwing together the vinaigrette. Of course, she did not want to embarrass this high-powered suit-wearing businessman, and so explained in great detail what proportions of which ingredients to use – she may have even told him how to shake the bottle, and she certainly did check he would recognise the rosemary growing in a container on their deck before she dispatched him off to pick some.

It was only after they went home that hubby informed her he was Head Chef for some Very Very Posh restaurant in town.

Good story, eh!

Anyway, all you need for a vinaigrette is a good wine vinegar, a good olive oil, salt and pepper and whatever fresh freen herbs are available. Of course, you CAN roast garlic and add that or squirt in a zing of lemon juice or even blend in yoghurt or mustard – it’s really up to you.



  1. EEEK! So embarrasing. Here’s hoping that the chef from the Very Posh Restaurant was a person of good humor and was amused, rather than huffy.

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