Posted by: Rachael | February 16, 2010

menu planning

To help our chefs choose a range of recipes when they are cooking, we composed a list of the frequently-made recipes we like, and grouped them according to categories. When the Menu-Maker is approaching the task for the week, they choose one item from each of the first three categories (to keep costs down!), and then four others, but only one from each of categories 7-10 is allowed (they can use as many as they like from 1-6).
When we get the master recipe collection out, we are bound to add to this list.

  1. SOUP
    chicken – pumpkin – German frankfurter – borscht – noodle – cream of vegetable – Luang Prabang pork – mulligatawny – curried parsnip and pear – courgette and green pepper – lentil and vegetable – French onion – cauliflower and watercress – leek and potato – Hungarian – minestrone – pea and ham – mushroom
    baked – layered – Bulgarian style – salad – wedges (with tzatziki) – roast vegetable salad – cheese and potato souffle
  3. CHEAP (can use a little salami or bacon or Chinese sausage to take these recipes out of the vegetarian category – just!)
    fried rice (nice served with broth or piles of mint) – baked beans – stirfry – omlette – frittata – sweetcorn fritters – stirfry/chop suey – daal – winter barley – sausage roly poly
  4. STEW
    on couscous or mashed potato/parsnip/carrot/pumpkin or kasha or rice – curry (Uncle Yew Cheong’s, Thai coconut, Jboy’s, lamb, spicy red lentil, split green pea, pumpkin) – (Hawaiian) chicken – Mongolian hotpot – beef stroganoff – claypot – lamb and bean casserole – beef and beans – tex mex casserole – beef rendang – goulash – lamb in spinach sauce – chickpea stew – chorizo and bean cassoulet – fish chowder – butter chicken
  5. BAKED
    lasagne – moussaka – Cornish pasty – pie – pizza – macaroni cheese – toad-in-the-hole – meatloaf – fish pie – samosas – manicotti – shepherd’s pie – savoury leg chops – quiche – zucchini bingo
  6. PASTA
    with pesto – *angry spaghetti* – mushroom and bacon – spicy noodles with cashews – Mediterranean sauce – fried noodles and garlic beef – tomato sauce – with roast pumpkin and bacon – dumplings and pierogi (honorary pasta dishes)
  7. ROAST (or hunk of meat!)
    chicken – lamb – beef – pork – Greek vegetable – corned beef
  8. GRILL
    bbq – satay and peanut sauce – hamburger – lentil patties – souvlaki – lamb chops (don’t forget the tatziki) – sausages (especially with mamaliga, garlic sauce and eggs) – meatballs (peanut, tomato, sweet-n-sour, spinach and chickpea)
    antipasto – dim sum – steamboat – sweet-n-sour – roti – meze – kampar chicken bread – Mongolian horseshoes
  10. OTHER dishes that don’t fit above
    chicken laksa – felafel – nachos – zapiekanki


  1. I *really* need to stop reading your blog when I’m hungry!

    Gotta ask though, what’s “Hungarian” soup? Goulash?

    • Goal is to put all the recipes mentioned on this post onto the blog at some point – Hungarian soup is a recipe we have in our collection! Bound to have paprika in it;-)

  2. ummm I see I have plenty of room for expanding my menu. Can’t remember when I last made a soup and stews don’t tend to be made with out a packet. Only rice dish I’m any good at making is from a reciepe that I got in school doing the good old manual training lol.

    • Soups and stews feature too regularly round here – we’re all about one dish dinners!

  3. what a cunningly simple idea! fits you perfectly really rach!

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