Posted by: Rachael | February 15, 2010

crunchy muesli

2C wheatgerm
2C oatbran
2C bran flakes
2C sesame seeds
2C coconut
2C pumpkin seeds
2C sunflower seeds
2C cashew nuts
16C rolled oats
   Mix together
   (alternatively, leave out the seeds and nuts until after toasting)

1C brown sugar
3/4C honey
1C olive oil
   Heat in a suacepan until sugar is dissolved
   and then mix through dry ingredients.
   Bake in a large roasting pan at 140*-150* for 30-40 minutes.
   Leave to cool.

8C plain rolled oats
   Add to the above toasted mixture so that it will last longer!

Your choice of sultanas, raisins, dried apple, peach or cranberries, banana chips, prunes….you name it!
   Add as desired

Other Options (instead of all the seeds and nuts above):
   * cinnamon, walnut and dried apple
   * vanilla and almond
   * Hawaiian: coconut and dried pineapple



  1. A favourite in our family too!

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