Posted by: Rachael | February 12, 2010

beetroot salad

“They’re so big, they’ll be woody,” we were warned. But out friends had grown so much beetroot, they were sick of it and wanted to offload some. I figured we could always make chutney with it, if it really was that bad – by all accounts it *was* enormous, and so quite possibly it would be woody. Well, either we are just not fussy (true enough), or it was fantastic beetroot (also true).
We rinsed them – gently so as not to break the skin – and boiled them in salted water. When they had cooled a bit, we peeled carefully and chopped them into chunks, poured over some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and stirred in handfuls of fresh thyme. Still warm, it was unsurpassable.
But we didn’t need to eat it until the next day so I refrigerated it overnight, and then the following day added some mandarin segments before serving. Definitely not woody. Just delish (although I think it was at its best when still a tad warm).

Thanks C&J – you guys really are the Beetroot King and Queen.


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