Posted by: Rachael | February 11, 2010


Not being able to eat lasagne (or any other variation thereof) for fifteen months (apart from when we were staying with couchsurfers who had ovens that we could use, which in the overall scheme of things was not that often), taught us that we love lasagne. It was one of the we-must-eat-this-as-soon-as-we-get-home foods, and we made it that very first week. And most since!

You start with making pasta. Or you buy it ready-made from the supermarket, but it’s not hard to make, really it isn’t, and fresh is so much tastier. I show you how to make noodles here – for lasagne, just don’t cut the sheets up!
Then you make a meat sauce. Recipe is here. Or you make a sauce without the meat, using red lentils instead, and maybe some mashed pumpkin.
Then you make a cheese sauce, which I still haven’t written up the recipe for.
If you like, you can lightly steam some silverbeet too – we usually do, because we always seem to have an abundance of it in the garden. No doubt it’s fairly unItalian, but we’re all about local and seasonal, and for us, silverbeet is both.

Starting with the meat sauce, you layer everything as many times as your dish will take, and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. Bake for 40 minutes or until it’s nice and golden.
Leaving it to sit for a wee while before cutting into it, allows the layers time to smoosh together nicely.



  1. just call me Garfield. lasagne is my favourite food ever. ever ever. though nowadays i prefer it with red lentils & spinach beet 😉 have you tried growing spinach beet? you should! it grows like a beet, but is more like spinach to eat 🙂

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