Posted by: Rachael | February 8, 2010

lessons learnt in the kitchen

Over the past four weeks, the four bigest kids (aged eleven to fifteen) have been responsible for all the cooking. They have had turns at preparing the breakfast each day, baking the bread and organising dinner. Before anyone cries *slave labour*, please allow me to point out that they are entitled to ask for help. I have promised to always say YES, and on occasion siblings have pitched in to help as well. It’s just that the responsibility for seeing the job gets done lies with the kids. It’s been an eye-opening month for them!

Things they’ve learnt:

  • If you want to roast a chicken tonight, it would have been a good idea to take it out of the freezer yesterday.
  • When Mama says to cut the eggplants very thinly (and offers to show you or even do it for you), she means Very Thinly. If you cut them chunkily, you will have to take them out of the moussaka…..yes, even if you have already layered all the pieces between dollops of meat sauce. Then, because they are so thick, you will have to fry them up before putting the reassembled concoction in the oven.
  • Use a recipe if you’ve never made white sauce before. Just because everyone else in the family does it by throwing various ingredients into a pot, it doesn’t mean the uninitiated can do the same.
  • Pizza is not an easy dinner. You have to make the crust, you have to make the sauce, you have to grate the cheese, and even though by now you don’t feel like it, you might as well pick some herbs from the garden too.
  • Soaked oats *is* a favourite breakfast after all <wink>
  • Cooking takes so long.


  1. LOL at the pizza for lunch – so true. I always seem to get to the “don’t feel like it” when it comes to the herbs too…

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