Posted by: Rachael | February 7, 2010

eat this and you die!

Well that’s meant to be the plan anyway.

You moosh up three garlic bulbs in a blender half filled with water.
You strain the resulting glug through a sieve.
Deciding that it’s still too gluggy, you then strain it through a small square of muslin as well.
You make the resulting liquid up to two litres with water (having done mental gymnastics to render the recipe to a size that will fit in the bottles we have on hand…and adjusted the resulting concentrates….and all that from American quarts and gallons with a measuring jug that had only pints – or the other way round or something equally confusing)

Finally you take two tablespoons of the concentrate and add it to two litres of water with an optional one tablespoon of vegetable oil, all in a garden sprayer and you spray away at the little fluffy bums on the blueberry bushes. You then attack invite to the party their parents, the vine hoppers, currently residing on the rhubarb and lone sunflower.

And you think about taking photos all the way through the process, and know you would have if you’d been travelling, but you don’t bother coz you’re not, even though today you’d like to be, but you’re at home in ever-so-normal land, where the excitement of the day is learning to deal to bugs in the garden in a non-pesticidey way.
And if you’re Jgirl15, you wonder if the blueberries will taste of garlic. And you concede at least they will not have all the life sucked out of them.

At least, if the kids take the lemonade bottle off the garden shelf in the garage and take a swig, they will NOT die. Or ever do it again!

Then you go and take photos!

PS All the garlic sludge, we saved. It’s sitting in the fridge in a little surprisingly big jar, looking just like the expensive jars of mushed garlic you can buy at the supermarket 😉


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