Posted by: Rachael | February 1, 2010


When Kboy11 was Chef For The Week a couple of weeks back (and oh what an eye-opening experience *that* was for him – he discovered just How Much Work is involved in getting dinner on the table each night – and he didn’t even do the half of it – big wink!!)…..anyway, when he was chef, he decided to make a Polish favourite, zapiekanki. The French sticks were purchased from a bakery, the mushroom sauce was made by mother, and some to think of it, she picked the spring onions and sliced them up too – but he did grate the cheese!!

And they tasted Very Authentic.

Must be the mushroom sauce:

Fry together olive oil, mushrooms (we used mostly “normal” ones and a few wild field mushies), onion, oregano, salt, black pepper, the teeniest splash of chicken stock (you could probably omit if you didn’t have any on hand), and the magic ingredient, a little dill.



  1. Oh yum…here is another of your wonderful dishes I have to make..Josh will give it a miss as he doesn’t like mushrooms but the rest of us will love it!

    • Amanda, you need to tell Josh that our son, who made this dish also thinks he doens’t like mushrooms! He reckons they are different like this!!!!!!!

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