Posted by: Rachael | January 30, 2010

just a tad late

It’s three weeks since her birthday. And a week since she got her cake.
Kgirl11 requested a village complete with ruined building under which there would be treasure hidden that she could dig for. She got all that and a forest, chateau, train line and Sky Tower besides!



  1. Ok, that’s pretty darn awesome. My bday was two weeks ago and for the first time I can recall I got no cake, so I’m jealous!

    Also saw an article today that made me think of you guys- In short, a German family was just granted asylum in the US because it was against the law for them to homeschool their kids in Germany and the judge deemed they had a well-founded fear of persecution if they were forced to return.

    Granted it seems silly to say that just because you break a law and police decide to enforce it that counts as persecution, but I’m sure we’re in for an interesting debate on this one.

    • I’ll pin my colours to the mast – our family has written to the German embassy and other authorities, in an effort to have this law overturned. China has a law that you can only have one child – by having two, is it *justice* that you are labelled a law-breaker? Other countries state you may not practise certain religions – now we get closer to the accepted term “persecution”. I don’t think this word is out of context when it refers to people being able to raise their families as they see fit. We’ll be watching the debate with interest.

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