Posted by: Rachael | January 27, 2010

a couple of hours around dinnertime

Our rhubarb patch needed attention.
We walked up to the vege shop and found a massive box of pears and another even bigger one of oranges….so what would you do?
We decided on jam. While the kids ran around under the garden hose to cool off from the walk, I hid in the garden, twisted off sticks of rhubarb, hacked off the leaves and added them to the compost pile. Even without the leaves, there was a lot of rhubarb to deal to.

1kg rhubarb
1kg pears
some fresh ginger
1C sugar

1kg rhubarb
1kg pears
1kg plums
1C sugar

1.5kg rhubarb
1.5kg pear
.5kg orange
a handful of lavender flowers
3C sugar

There’s still enough pears to feed everyone tomorrow…..and there must still be 10kg or more of oranges. I think we’ll be marmalading and juicing. Or orange and rhubarb something? Coz I only picked half of it today!


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