Posted by: Rachael | January 25, 2010

surely not sago

Mention of sago seems to elicit a reactionary involuntary gag from many people. WHY? We love it. We loved it even before we had a sago dessert in Turkey that outshone every chocolate pudding or lemon meringue pie in the whole world. Even as sago-lovers, we could hardly believe how good that one was. Unfortunately the proprietor of the wee spot where we ate it, did not speak a word of English and only a few French ones, so we were unable to come home with his recipe. Ours isn’t too bad though.

Sago in coconut milk, enough for ten hungry mouths.

3/4C sago
1/4C sugar
splash of vanilla
400ml can of coconut cream (needs to 80% cream, not a cheaper lotsa-added-water one – if you must use a 40%, use two cans and add less water)
Fill up the can with water four times and pour it into a pot with everything else. Bring to the boil, stirring pretty much continually. Soon the little sago balls will rise to the surface and the milk will thicken. When this happens, rejoice, turn the heat down and simmer a wee bit longer, then enjoy!

I imagine you could do exactly the same with tapioca.
But we haven’t tried.
We should – coz everyone LOVES sago.

(You can also cook sago in an oven, just like rice pudding – but that takes a couple of hours, and this way, it’s ready in just a few minutes)



  1. I have very fond memories of sago and tapioca from my childhood (not that I’ve cooked either or had either in recent years). But then I love rice pudding stuff so to me it’s kind of similar really. DH is not into that sort of thing at all – neither are the kids….very sad, more for me bwhahaha.

    • Nikki, make sure you cook at least one of them this winter! And enjoy!

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