Posted by: Rachael | January 23, 2010

porridge with a twist

Travelling in motorhomes, not knowing when the cooking gas would run out and often with the prospect of not being able to refill it, depending which country we were in, we rationed gas as if it were gold.

Gas-saving led to a new favourite breakfast for some of the kids (and a new not-favourite for others): SOAKED OATS

When we make porridge, the standard sort, we soak our oats overnight in water or milk with a splash of vinegar, lemon juice or whey (it’s meant to be good for breaking down phytates or something), and then we cook it in the morning.
Hoping to avoid the cooking part, one night I combined our half kilo of flaked oats with a few mashed bananas, lemon juice to stop the ‘nanas going brown, a tin of peaches (because we were in Germany at the time and fresh fruit was hideously expensive, but tinned fruit was bearably priced), a carton of UHT milk (coz we honestly could sometimes not find fresh milk – what is it with that?!) and whatever yoghurt we had leftover.
In the morning it was ready to eat as soon as we got up.

Another time we tried it with much less milk, but lots of apple sauce and cinnamon and raisins, and we added chopped walnuts just before eating.

Coconut, quark, fromage blanc…these all got added at different times.

As spring turned to summer, berries found their way into the oaty concoction. You’d think they’d make it a nice bright pink colour, but no, it always turned out murky brownish. Last week we discovered plums have the same effect!

Still better for you than cocopops!


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