Posted by: Rachael | January 22, 2010

chickens are not just for eggs in the morning

Some friends (not the revered ones mentioned yesterday) have wrinkled their noses discernably upon hearing we would be consuming chicken stock for breakfast. They don’t know what they’re missing out on. That is to say, the chicken noodle soup was divine.

Just don’t tell them about another experiment. We had seen it done all across Asia, although, not knowing the words for it, we had never managed to order it ourselves! So we don’t know if our version turned out authentic or not – maybe the egg is *supposed* to be slimey and not really all that well cooked. We had watched little foodstall ladies scoop a couple of ladles of boiling chicken stock into a bowl, crack an egg into the steaming soup and carry it to the table. We figured the egg cooked by the time it arrived. Ours didn’t.

that yolk ain’t hard – and the white is leftover chicken, not the egg white!

But chicken noodle soup is still good 😉

Basic Chicken Broth:
Combine a chicken carcass, chunks of celery, carrot and onion and a few cloves of garlic. Grind in some pepper, splash in some vinegar, cover the whole lot with water and simmer, perferably overnight (in a crockpot is good)

Rarely do we leave the broth just like that….fresh ginger is a fantastic addition, soy sauce can work wonders, or perhaps two drops of sesame oil, very often we add handfuls of fresh herbs from the garden or chopped up chillies or even a squirt of lemon juice. Of course, noodles are needed for the chicken noodle soup – we were awed at the way noodles are made with a few deft hand movements in China (in fact, this video is almost as good as standing right there on the street looking into a shop window where a performance may be underway). I can make Italian pasta, but  Chinese dough stretching scares me. We still buy our rice noodles at the local Chinese vegetable shop.

Oh how we long for these again:



  1. Yeah, the idea is for a smooth, satiny, fuller body to the soup, so nope, the yolk should not be hard 🙂 It is also common to do the same with chicken (particularly) rice porridge.

    By the way, are you leaving the offthebookshelf website protected or is it just temporary? i don’t have a wordpress login and was hoping I won’t need to get one…

    • Thanks for that info. Oh, chicken rice porridge. Yummo.

      As for my other blogs, apart form Pilgrims’ Progress, I’ve got them all closed at the moment (a very long moment until I start using them again!!)

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