Posted by: Rachael | January 13, 2010

back from beyond

waves at visitors from Pilgrims’ Progress….we’ll be posting here soon

in the meantime, while you wait, if you really truly have nothing better to do, you can peek in our linen cupboard above (not that there’s much there yet), or take a wander down to our garden (see the *ingredients don’t come fresher* link above), or flick through our recipe box (it’s a work in progress, but will hopefully be overflowing by the end of the year), or have a nosey at our life story (that would be the *once upon a time* tab)

if you find anything that piques your interest, please do feel free to return
~we’d love to have you over ~
(especially if you comment 😉 )



  1. I admit it- I can’t really cook because I’ve spent most of my time studying and it’s surprisingly hard to do for one person. But pasta’s getting boring so I think I’ll poke around!


    • Yvette, you can study, you can tavel, you can cook! I agree – it is easier to cook for a group than for one, but when it used to be just Rob-n-me, we would cook twice a week (we were studying at the same time and holding down fulltime jobs aswell) and eat the leftovers for two or three nights. Had we been more organised, we’d have popped some of them into a freezer and had more variety, but it wasn’t top priority right then.

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