Posted by: Rachael | August 22, 2008


Round here Father Bear makes The Best Omlette in the Whole Wide World.
But that’s not the only way to eat eggs. The kids love to make me a fried plastic-y egg or a scrambled rubber egg. When *I* make them, they don’t turn out that way. But when the kids get to the stove, something happens. None of my little teaching tips (like scramble *slowly*) have helped. Ever.

So could you help me? What are your egg cooking secrets?

* boiled * scrambled * fried * poached *

Ah yes, poached eggs. The recipe book says to break the egg onto a suacer and slip it into gently bubbling water. Apparently it will come out of the water as a perfect circle. Not at my house it doesn’t. Again, not ever. In fact, I’ve given up trying. But I do so like poached eggs, so if someone would be kind enough to tell me where I’m going wrong, I’d be most obliged.



  1. I do it as instructed by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (my hero). Boil water, stir into a vortex, drop egg into said swirling vortex, put lid on pot, take off the heat, make toast, egg will be ready to eat when toast is done 🙂

    Thye turn out a nice oval shape. HTH

  2. Ok, my poached egg tips!

    – Add vinegar to the water!
    – Use a mug to put them in the water.
    – I don’t swirl, although most do!
    -remove with slotted spoon and dunk in cold water to prevent further cooking!
    – serve with LOTS of hollandaise sauce!

  3. I know this is an old post. I read the answer to poaching eggs in one of my cook books…

    Use freshly laid eggs. As eggs get older the white breaks down and breaks away when slipped into the water. When fresh, the white is really quite different – I discovered this to be true when I used a freshly laid egg.

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