Posted by: Rachael | August 13, 2008

august brings another birthday

It is no easy task for a mother to say, “Yes Dear” to a child who decides, three days before his birthday, that he no longer wants the funky cake she had been anticipating making, but the one that doesn’t even look good in the cake book with professional photographs. She gently tried to persuade him towards the other dinosaur that at least didn’t look like Egyptian hieroglyphs, but he was not to be persuaded. In fact, he was not even to be bribed.

So mother offered the task of cake decorating to anyone who was interested and thankfully there was one taker.

Apart from the hiccup of adding too much water and not having any more icing sugar…and proceeding to pour the icing on anyway (requiring a scrape-up-operation and mercy dash to the local shops for more icing sugar)….it ended up looking just like the one in the book. Which isn’t saying much.

But M5 M6 loved it.


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