Posted by: Rachael | August 6, 2008

Siberian Survival

 A preparatory foray into The Endless Steppe, Angel on the Square and its sequel The Impossible Journey before we make our own journey across Siberia in Real Life inspired some culinary exploits in the kitchen, all of which will be repeated. In fact, if they really do eat like this, we could survive in Siberia!

Pierogi (well, OK, so this is a Polish recipe and not the same as Russian piroshki, but it was a step in the right direction away from our usual curries and lasagnes)

Actually, we made so much dough that it served us for three meals and then there was still plenty left over (which we rolled out and made almost predictably into a couple of lasagnes!)
We used this recipe and figured a double batch wouldn’t be enough, so went for the big quadruple. As I say, it fed us eleven for days.

The Dough
2 1/2-3C flour
1t salt
1 egg
2T sour cream
~1/2C water
We mixed it all together, kneaded it a bit and left it sitting for half an hour. We then took the cheat’s path and used our pasta-maker to do the rolling for us. Stopped at setting number 6.

The Filling
After trying a few of the recommended ones, we made up our own ( as we do).
Mashed potato
Cream cheese
Cottage cheese
Cabbage, very thinly sliced/grated
Onion (next time we’ll make sure we grate it and don’t leave it so chunky)
Bacon, chopped and fried
We wet half an edge of a chopped-tomato-sized-tin-can dough circle, plonked on a spoonful of the filling, folded it over and set aside on a floured teatowel (just like in the pictures on the original recipe site). We tried freezing the first leftover portions – no problem. We tried refigerating the second leftover portions – this time made-up and boiled. Again, success (we made sure we brushed butter in between the layers so they wouldn’t stick and then reheated in the oven. Actually we then plopped these ones into chicken broth instead of serving with extra fried onions and sour cream. Equally yummy.)
Interestingly, the only ones not particularly favoured by anyone were the strawberry and cottage cheese. But even these might become attractive after a winter of potato and cabbage.

Coming tomorrow: borscht and black bread



  1. Yum! We had these at Rog and Jen’s wedding in Canada! Yummy!

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