Posted by: Rachael | July 4, 2008

So Florence.

Florence Nightingale, that is.

You see, last Sunday Father Bear started to feel grotty. We figured he was just a bit less tough than the rest of us. On Saturday we’d all had rabies shots and typhoid and Hepatitis A (in fact, poor ol M5 had to have his rabies twice coz it didn’t work the first time)……..the rest of us felt fine. That’s probably why Father Bear trudged off to work on Monday morning, even though he didn’t feel too sharp. Fortunately for him, he was knocking off early to pick up some friends who were coming to stay for a few days. He put hospitable pleasantries aside and took his fever to bed. He barely got up for three days. (Well, he did once and promptly fainted and so that discouraged further exuberance). Three days. Father Bear has only ever been off work for one day at a time, and even then, only when absolutely necessary. So three days is unheard of. By about Day Two I think we’d decided it was more than just a reaction to the rabies as he was not frothing at the mouth. This was confirmed by the two little girls starting to get listless and quiet……you don’t want all the details, so let’s suffice to say, that at this stage only three of us have not fallen.

Just as well some of us have tough constitutions, really. Coz who else would have made the jelly?

This was no ordinary jelly. It didn’t come out of a box with bright colours on the outside and funny creatures to convince your children that this is a good food to eat.

 No siree. It came out of a box so old you could call it retro or vintage. It had no food colouring. No preservatives. No added sugar.

In fact, Father Bear didn’t even think it would work. (I mean to say, jelly comes out of bright boxes).

Imagine our delight when it set!!!!!!

Just so we can remember for next time someone gets sick, here’s the recipe we used (a recipe, which, by the way, makes a decent amount of jelly for an infirm family, unlike those little supermarket boxes)

Pour 500ml boiling water into a jug.

Add 7 tablespoons of gelatine and stir to dissolve.

Pour into 3 litres of blackcurrant and apple juice (or whatever flavour you have).

That’s it! Being a good nursey, really isn’t all that tricky.



  1. So that’s where you’ve been. I’ve missed you. Hope everyone feels much better soon.

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