Posted by: Rachael | July 2, 2008

waste not want not

half a pot of porridge

frozen avocado dated 03/03

tin of tomatoes

couplea cups of flour

4 eggs

unmouldy portion of camembert cheese

small container of leftover meat sauce

leftover carrots and onions and gingerale which the silverside had been cooked in

a cup or so of cooked rice

shredded bits of chinese cabbage that the caterpillars had left behind


We mixed all that together and baked it for an hour or so at 180ºC.
It was edible with a good-sized dollop of homemade chutney and a green salad on the side.
Not necessarilly to be repeated though.



  1. Um, tempting.


  2. I had NO IDEA you could freeze avocado … presumably only for something like a guacamole??

    My mother used to make soup out of everything that was in the fridge, including cake if necessary 😉 Some weeks it was better than others …. but I think you know about that 😉


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