Posted by: Rachael | June 13, 2008

two cups

1C brown sugar
3/4C honey
1C olive oil
Very gently heat together

2C sesame seeds
2C pumpkin seeds
2C wheatgerm
2C oatbran
2C bran flakes
2C coconut
2C cashew nuts
16C rolled oats
Throw into a huge container
Add the ingredients from above and mix togther thoroughly
Toast in the oven in batches at 160ºC for about half an hour or so (until browned)

8C rolled oats
Enough dried fruit to look right
Add when the muesli is toasted

If you add the dried fruit before toasting it can burn.
If you don’t add more oats, it doesn’t stretch far enough;-)
We wrote this recipe before we started grinding our own flour – now that we have massive quantities of wheatbran, we tend to replace the wheatgerm and oatbran with this, with no discernable difference.
as with any recipe, it’s a matter of use what you’ve got!


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