Posted by: Rachael | May 26, 2008

It’s not the broccoli’s fault…

…that I didn’t make it down to the garden last week and it grew all manky.

I’m not quite sure what happened to my daily visits. Father Bear doing the shopping was certainly part contributor – especially as he purchased items we had in abundance in the garden, and in doing so removed my need for garden wanderings. Because somehow it seems more important to use up items you’ve paid money for, than ones that are freely available! However, that does not mean you don’t use the living specimens as well….even if they go past their best. These broccoli bits were the side sprouts after we’d already had a good head off each plant. Even still, it feels wrong to just compost them (seeing as we don’t have chooks to throw them to). So we’ll eat them.
Obviously, they’re not going to look too appetising as broccoli-with-cheese-sauce. They definitely need the whizz-stick treatment. That only means one thing round here. SOUP.
Which is another good thing, becAuse it gives me reason to do dessert. And seeing as today is a dismal rainy day, it sounds like semolina might be on the table after Cream of Broccoli Soup.

We’ve never had COBS before. So this is how we’ll make it:

3 onions, chopped coarsely
heaps of garlic, crushed
a splash of olive oil
Cook over a low heat until softened

all the broccoli, chopped up, stems and all
8 potatoes, coarsely grated
Add and cook until soft

A splash of soy sauce
A pot full of chicken stock
Add and bring to the boil
Put in cooking bag for the afternoon – or just simmer gently on the stove.
At some point whizz the mixture so it’s nice and smooth.

1 can coconut cream
Just before serving, add and stir. Gently heat if necessary.

Chef’s Quote: “It might be grotty, but it’s so much greener than shop broccoli”
K9, you are so right. It was quite a dark green before cooking, but when you threw it in the pot it turned really bright, didn’t it?



  1. I made a COB soup a couple of weeks ago…it gave Hubby & I both heartburn…what’s with that? We keep looking nervously at the rest in our freezer but will suffer the heartburn cuz it was so scrummy;-)

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