Posted by: Rachael | May 24, 2008

the use-me-up challenge

As the four-months-until-we-leave-mark approaches, the need to inventory-ise my pantry and freezer was pressing. And not premature by the looks of it. When you discover a glass jar each of semolina, tapioca, shortgrain rice and two boxes of custard powder, four months doesn’t sound like long to use them up, especially when you’re not really a dessert kind of family. Currently, we tend to only have dessert on nights we have soup as the main course. That is about to change. Unless we eat more soup.

Desserts to start making with the ingredients we have:
rice pudding
chocolate pudding (to deal to one of the boxes of cocoa)
jelly (someone gave us a box of jelly crystals…..over a year ago……plus we have gelatine for making the real thing)
fruit smoothies (tht should use up the frozen fruit, Vit C powder, green barley, spirulina powder, frozen cream and packets of gifted milk powder)

poppy seed
chocolate (to use the other box of cocoa) or chocolate and poppy seed
mixed peel and poppy seed
brazil nut and poppy seed
almond and poppy seed
poppy seed for a change
When we run out of poppy seeds, we have just as much linseed – really must restart grinding them to sprinkle over porridge every morning

Baked Bean-ish Variants:
sprouted wheat
black beans
soup mix
mung beans
kidney beans
split green peas
split yellow peas
celery seeds

Thankfully vinegar, tartaric acid and citric acid all keep well. Because there’s no way we’d use up the quantity we’ve got. Not sure how that happened.

In the freezer we have the makings of three different stocks (roast beef bones, chicken carcass, fish heads). Plus three ready-made chicken stocks.
There’s a variety of meats – mainly mince and stewing beef and a couple of chickens (not to be used until the chicken stock above is all gone). There are some ox kidneys, which will take particular effort on my part to make it into a dish. Grandpa does like steak and kidney pie. Must remember that.
There’s a ready-made curry and meat sauce just waiting for one busy day too. And a packet of wonton wrappers waiting for a day when we have nothing else to do.
There’s ice cream, but that probably doesn’t need to be listed.

The only other outstanding box that will require out-of-the-ordinary-culinary-inclination to be used is Patongco Mix. Don’t ask me. I didn’t buy it. But I will post about it when I’ve deciphered the Chinese instructions!



  1. So many of us have slightly out of control larders, not quite a handle on what’s there … yours seems fairly modest, and we have just the same problem with pudding ingredients, as I only make pudding if we have people over, and not always then

    Where are you going?


  2. Hi Sandra’s-friend-Joanna (yes?)!
    We’re off here:

    As for my modest pantry…..father-in-law was over recently and peering around looking for something to eat….”There’s nothing in here” he concluded;-) Nothing prepackaged anyway!

  3. […] That only means one thing round here. SOUP. Which is another good thing, becAuse it gives me reason to do dessert. And seeing as today is a dismal rainy day, it sounds like semolina might be on the table after […]

  4. You’ve got your work cut out Rachael! Black bean soup is divine. Want the recipe?

  5. Absolutely – please – post it on your blog and I’ll link to you!

  6. […] box jelly crystals (using up the pantry contents!) 2 1/2C water 2D semolina 2D sugar Boil together for 5 minutes. Let it cool. Whip until thickish. […]

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