Posted by: Rachael | May 18, 2008

one, two…..

“You’ll be able to do that with the first one, but that’ll be the last one”
So veteran parents told us naive uninitiated ones when we declared our kids wouldn’t eat sweets until they were at least two years old.
I do not have the smug satisfaction of being able to say they were wrong.
But I can say that out of the first seven kids, only one of them met a lollipop before her second birthday (thanks Katie-potatie!)….and although this Number Eight Baby has tasted a marshmallow and licked chocolate, we can count on one hand the number of times she has done so.
If you really believe in something you can make it happen.

Yes, we’re extreme….and then we do extreme two-year-old birthday cakes too!



  1. Happy birthday gorgeous Ella-Rose! Totally with you on the whole sugar, sweets, choc thing, even after two I think why do they need unless its a special occassion ( birthday christmas etc ) keeps the doctor and dental bills down! lol

  2. Happy birthday E-R! Hope you and all of your family had a lovely day.

    Makes me realise it must be about three years I’ve known you Rachael. I am looking forward to meeting you in person some day. I think we’re going to be in Auckland Dec 2010 – maybe we’ll get to meet up then!

  3. So long Sandra? Time flies…..hey I just posted a wee note to you – you’ll have to go and have a peek!

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