Posted by: Rachael | May 9, 2008

fizz * pop * bang


4 packets of drink mix (poison)
9C icing sugar (7C to the kg)
3T baking soda

3T tartaric acid (25t or 8+T per 150g container)
3T citric acid
Crush and add to above

Yield: 130T

PS The reason for such a large batch (coz we don’t have THAT many kids!)



  1. […] What kids don’t like a bit of sweet sugary goodness? Rachel posted her sherbet recipe here. The big kid in me can’t wait to have a go! […]

  2. Tell me you guys didn’t really count the number of tablespoons????!!!! Are you on for Friday Rach?

  3. We sure did, well, to tell the truth we counted how many tablespoons to a cup then counted the cups. EASY!!!

  4. I’m on Jess – are you free to come up here?
    Now off to tell those kids to stop replying on *my* blog;-)

  5. And what’s more they had us signed in as them……grrrrrrr……..

  6. Rach i can come to you, 7.30-8 ish?

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