Posted by: Rachael | April 22, 2008

salsa weekend

It was a salsa weekend! Not hot-n-spicy – oh no (the winter clothes got their First Wearing of the Season); just tasty and tomato-y. Amidst dreams of if-we-had-a-really-big-garden (like at the lifestyle block we had just returned from viewing knowing we were wasting the real estate agent’s time, but falling in love with all the same), we plucked produce from our own suburban garden to whip up a lunchtime salsa. Starting with a tin of tomatoes we dreamed of being able to grow enough that we would have excess to bottle. Then in went some of the newly-growing coriander, handfuls of basil, the first red onion (which was really too little to be torn from the earth, but looked beautiful all the same), clove upon clove of garlic (of the bought at the shop variety) and a grinding of black pepper. Opening the avocados, we discovered perfect flesh. No point turning them into guacamole – when they are that good you eat them as is!
Sunday dawned. Cold Sunday. But with sun drenching the deck making it the perfect spot for lunch, and with sufficient cherry tomatoes having ripened overnight to stretch Saturday’s Salsa leftovers, the taste sensation exploded on our bread again, dolloped on top of avocado again.

It was this salsa that went in last night’s curry!


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