Posted by: Rachael | March 26, 2008


That’s the verdict.

For all my growing up in New Zealand, I’ve never eaten whitebait fritters. I’ve certainly never bought them – I mean to say, well, they’re so……grey. And there are eyes staring out at you from the batter. And I just know they’ll be squishy. And perhaps slimy. And and and.

At a quarter to six tonight I received a phone call. “I’ve got three bags of whitebait here from a left-open-freezer. They need cooking today. Do you want them?”

I might not buy them, but neither would I say no to them. 
Not that I knew what to do with them.
Mrs Edmonds, of course, had the answer.
Not that we followed her recipe.
It called for 125g of whitebait, and we had 750g of the stuff.

So K10 turned chef, tripled the recipe but threw in all the whitebait and made a few discoveries.

  • “I quite enjoy cooking now”
  • “Do I make a ditch in the flour?”……. (yes, but it’s called a well, dear)
  • “These are quite easy”
  • three teaspoons is the same as one tablespoon
  • “approximately” means don’t add all the milk at once
  • if you add all the milk at once the result will be lumpy
  • Mama’s ancient miracle whisk from the Sallies *works* 

So just in case you ever need to use up someone’s supply of whitebait……

3C flour
1T baking powder
1t sea salt

3 eggs
4C milk
Add and mix to a smooth batter

750g whitebait

1T oil
Heat in a frypan and then pour the excess into the batter and mix up.
Pour batter onto the pan and flip when the underside is cooked.

This is easy, but takes forever.

Tomorrow night we will eat the roast chicken and veges that were ready long before the fritters tonight, and if we make whitebait fritters again, I think we’d try using even less flour and milk, and loads of chilli or something to impart flavour.



  1. sigh. drop of shoulders.

    sigh at the Edmonds book too, on this occasion.

    That recipe is far too much flour. You want to add just enough egg and flour to hold the fritters together. Then fry them and then squeeze lemon on them. Then you may well feel the love!

  2. Oh yes Sandra, we used the lemon…and yes yes yes, we’ll definitely decrease the flour even more. It was supposed to be 1C per 125g of the wee fishies. You might as well call that pancake!

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