Posted by: Rachael | March 19, 2008

I cut, you choose……

There’s a reason we share in this manner. Life’s not fair and there will be plenty of times for the kids to learn that over the years, but when we *can* be fair, we try to be. Besides, we like them to try to think of the other person, not just themselves.
Unfortunately, not only the reasons, but the entire concept has thus far eluded T3.
I cannot even fathom why she has never really had the opportunity to do the cutting – probably too many big policemen who can do it better around here. It’s not like she *can’t* do it – look at her here chopping up bananas for custard:

And today she collected the bananas and knife….and away she cut again.

“You’re sharing with me, L7,” she pronounced and he, knowing the you-cut-I-choose-rule proceeded to take the decidedly larger “half” of banana.
“No, that one’s for me. I cut the big one for me,” came the wail!

She’ll learn 😉


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