Posted by: Rachael | March 7, 2008


Time to get cooking…….it’s party time!

The Ultimate Blog Party, that is.
Ultimate Blog Party 2008

It’s kinda funny that I have a foodie blog, coz I’m not much of a foodie at all. I don’t mind what we eat (although preferably healthy), don’t particularly enjoy cooking (would much rather be reading or writing or knitting or hiking), and I burnt the carrots last night.

But I do like capturing memories and want to give each of my eight kiddos their Very Own Recipe Book when they leave home – and here it is! You can have a copy too ๐Ÿ˜‰
Try out some sourdough bread or homemade spaghetti noodles, while you’re here!

As I say, I’d rather be reading, and you can find me at off the BOOKshelf….and I really love the adventure of travel, so you can find me wandering round Pilgrims’ Progress too.
We don’t head out without our kids and they are full of awe and wonder when they are not busy with inventions and adventures.
Welcome to our wee corner of the world.

PS. Tammy has kindly pointed out that you just can’t work out *who* I am. Well I’m nobody famous, and yes she’s right, I don’t fall into the category “normal”. But I’m happy to fill you in – a few details are up there on the page “Once Upon A Time” (but even they are vague), lots can be found in myother blogs listed above (if you have all day); here’s the short version:

30-something, married to my first and only sweetheart, mother to eight kids who haven’t been to school (can’t bring myself to say we *homeschool* coz….well…..we don’t…..we read lots of good books together and all of us learn about whatever sparks our interest)…..I’m a whizz at having ideas, dreaming, planning……I’m trying to get on top of my unfinished projects….I have lots of soapboxes and wash my hair with baking soda….I’m a bit random really (had you worked that out All By Yourself?)……two years ago discovered a new love (knitting), two days ago discovered another one (collage making on the pooter – just need to find some nice software so my ideas can become reality)……dream of living self-sufficiently on a big block of land….one day want to make my own shoes………would like to try tie-dyeing clothes…… to read….want to share what I learn with others…….love my kids…..we’re all about to go on a Big Trip from New Zealand all through South East Asia (including some volunteering in Cambodia and Laos) and China and Mongolia and across Russia all the way to the UK where we’ll meet up with the best father-in-law in the world and capture his childhood stories as we travel (as well as visit some of our favourite storybook places), on to Europe and then….who knows? You can read all about that in one of those blogs up the top.ย Does that help Tammy?



  1. That’s a cool idea– a blog as a recipe book for your kids. I like it.

  2. I love your banner – did you take the pic? – very nice to meet you. Diving deep into your recipe book. Don’t mind if I do.

  3. The header is my very first foray into the world of digital collage making – yes I took all the photos that are represented on it, so it really is a snapshot of *our life*, right down the thrifted egg-beater with my smallest daughter’s hand on it and the pinnies hanging up in our garage and the jar of fruit mince pies we gave the neighbours at Christmastime and the icing figurine made by my son and the heart off our advent calendar and the thrifted tins in the background….it’s all *us*

  4. gosh, number 26???
    i should’ve slept all night then huh *grin*
    mwah X

  5. This is such a clever idea. And I am a foodie. Guess, I’ll have to keep checking in.

  6. You have an interesting blog here… I’m kind of getting it, but I can’t find a home page or a typical “about” page. But non-typical is good, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the pics!
    Party on!
    Tammy :):):)

  7. Tammy, try the “Once upon a time” page ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s about as normal as it will get. Other than, the Dear Children in the sidebar, explains what it’s all about.

  8. That recipe book is a great idea. I have thought about doing a family recipe book through Shutterfly or one of those other places that does the photo books. How fun would that be!?!

    When you get a chance, we’d love to have you stop by our little blog party, where we’re giving away NINE handmade products and/or gift certificates! We’re at The Downtown Boutique blog!


  9. What a fun purpose for a blog!
    Happy partying…

  10. I’m working on becoming a foodie, but I’m so not there yet. I have a party post too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Cool idea…giving each child their very own recipe book! Love it!

    Come Party With Me!

    Win Chocolates:

    Win a handmade pocket place mat:

    Join me at A Cup of Joy for Missions Month:

  12. Sounds like the same food journey we’re on–local, sustainable, humane, etc.! I’ll have to come back and browse through your recipes!

  13. I love your header! I’d rather be reading too ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy blog party.

  14. Nice to meet you! Hope you’re enjoying the Party!

  15. Thanks for dropping by, and for your very sweet comments. My first garden was a vegetable garden. I have never been with out one since. I love your cooking style. I already grabbed one of your recipes.

    You are living a grand life it sounds like, raising such a great crop of love.

    I will be back, later :]

  16. cool party ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I’m glad to know you’re not normal. I’m much less scared of both you and myself now.

    Enjoy the party!

  18. I love your photo collage and “randomness”! It’s nice to meet you!

  19. Oh girl! You are a woman after my own heart! I always love running into a fellow vintage apron lover! My blog has tons of aprony stuff, but I also have recipes too. I do silly stuff like see if my 1939 Sunbeam Mixmaster will cause a county-wide blackout if I actually plug it in & use it! What do you do with an apron anyway… ya cook in it! Hey, they go together! Pop on over & visit me at

  20. What a great idea for the recipe book for your kids! I think I’ll do that! Thanks for having me over to party!

  21. Nice to meet you! I hope you are having a great time!

  22. you’ll have to teach me how to cook healthy, because we are garbage guts over here!

  23. i’m jayedee from sunny central florida! nicetameetcha! party on dudette!lol and if you like chickens (and what woman doesn’t like chickens?) stop by the lost world and check out the awesome giveaway i have going!

  24. Do you really wash your hair with baking soda? Does it work?

    Your party was fun!

  25. Nice to meet you! Happy blog hopping!

  26. 8 kids, what’s the secret to surviving a family with eight kids? How wonderful, your life must be so full of love. I like the picture used for the header of your blog, did you take it? Hope you can stop by my place.

  27. HI there! I love the traveling plans you have ahead. Going through Asia, Europe, and where ever else.. what better way for your children to learn about the world then first hand. It sounds fantastic. Love your idea for recipe books. I just made all my family a recipe book through this past Christmas filled with stories and pictures too. It was a lot of fun! well back to the party circuit! Stop by and say hi!

  28. I love recipes. I’ll surely be back.

    Happy partying.

    Feel free to come for a visit some time soon.

  29. Nice blog! I like your recipes. Hope you have fun partying!

  30. Cute blog name

  31. Great Blog party! I even have my party clothes on! Come on by and Jam at my blog!


  32. I can’t wait to read about your world travels with your kids. Really wonderful.

  33. Hey! It’s great to meet you! Thanks for having me by! Looks like a gal could learn a lot from you! You are certainly busy and quite talented! (Even if a bit random!) Hope you’re enjoying the party!

  34. Great blog. Nice to meet you. Happy blog partying!

  35. Hey,
    This is my first blog party. YEEHAW! It is awesome to meet so many new friends. The trip sounds awesome. I hope you have a blast.

  36. Cute blog. 8 kids! Home school! You must be very organized and very busy!!

    Happy blog partying.

  37. Very cool idea about the recipe book. I’m not much of a cook either so I should bookmark this.

    Partying along at Goodies for Mom.

  38. Hi, just stopping by the party.

    I have a party up on my blog too. Please stop by if you have time. Thanks.

    Be Thrifty Like Us

  39. I really like your idea of “homeschooling” can you be my mom when I was young, too, because you sound fab!

  40. Wow! The trip you are about to take sounds so exciting and like it going to just be amazing for the whole family.
    We do homeschool. I’d like to let go a LOT more, and we have let go of a lot of structure this year. But we keep some in otherwise my husband starts to get nervous and I swear his eye would start to twitch if we didn’t do some worksheets every once a while (but mostly we just use those for math LOL)

  41. Hi. Nice blog you have here; I’ll be sure to bookmark it. I post a lot of recipes myself. Creating a cookbook for you kids is a great idea. I’ve only been married a little over a year, and I’ve had to call and request recipes from my dad on occasion. I’ve thought how nice it would be if I just had all his recipes written down.

    Hope you stop by my site some time. See ya!

  42. Party hopping all day! Wee!! Just stopping in to say hi!

  43. The recipe book thing is too sweet.

  44. Great party happening here. I’m intrigued. I’ll have to go have a bit more of a look around !

    My party is happening HERE

  45. Party Time! Your trip sounds amazing. You’re doing lots of things I wish I could get motivated to do! Love the idea of a recipe blog for my kids. Expecting #4, so I admire you blogging with 8! Party Time!

  46. Gosh, you travel with EIGHT kids?!?! All hail to you mighty mom… I get twitchy in the car for 30 minutes with my three. Can’t wait to read all the adventures. Thanks for the party invite, so nice to meet you.

  47. Great post for a party! Just passing threw saying hi to a few people before I pack it in for the night.
    Love your blog!

  48. Nice to meet you. You’ve got a lot of great recipes here. Hope you’ll stop over at my blogy party.

  49. Great blog idea!

  50. Homemade cookbooks are the best. I was given tons of recipes in a beat up box and am turning it into something great! GOOD LUCK!

  51. hellooooo, happy party ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. What a great party! I’ve always wanted to do a hand written recipe book too, but nobody really needs written instructions for Cheerios. ๐Ÿ™‚ Drop by my place when you get a chance; it’s recipe-free but I think you’ll have fun anyway.

  53. Can I say – WOW! Sounds like a wonderful trip is planned. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I think it is wonderful you and your kids will get to experience places you have read about. Glad I stopped by on the party train.

  54. Love your blog!

    Wanted to invite you to enjoy my PHOTOS ONLY A MOM WOULD TAKE week!

    A contest will be announced on my GABBIN’ MAMA video blog tomorrow!!

    Don’t miss it!
    Stay tuned and join in the fun! A great prize (hint: bling bling) waits in the wings!!

    See ya there!

  55. I made dehydrated pork chops and chicken last week so I know how you feel about the burnt carrots. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Nice to know you.

  56. wow – youve got me impressed – LOVE your “homeschooling” method!
    Party on!

  57. Wow, mother of 8! How do you do it!?

  58. You wash your hair with baking soda? Never heard of that before…interesting.

  59. Wow! Great blog and what a great reason to start one! I’m rather late to the party but I’m glad I stopped by!

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