Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

who is willing to take the compost out?

There’s always someone.
It’s one of the favourite jobs.
So why is it such a struggle?
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Maybe step-by-step instructions would help:
  1. Pick up compost container (that’ll be an icecream container sitting on the bench – one with old vege scraps in it, not icecream. In the case of the above photo, it’s the blue one, and it shouldn’t have been left behind.)
  2. Walk to garage with container, trying hard to keep the contents in the container – etymology lesson: which word is the root of CONTAINer?)
  3. Put on gumboots. (Hang on, back up Mama, You’re assuming too much. OK, try again. 3a:open door to garage 3b:close door to garage to trap warm air in house 3c:put compost container on the floor 3d:take off slippers 3e:put slippers on shoe shelf 3f: put gumboots on feet 3g:pick up compost container…ah yes, back to the list)
  4. Walk to back vege garden. To the very back of the back vege garden. No, I don’t mind which path you choose. Round the south side of the house? Round the north  side of the house? Doesn’t matter. Over the pavers? Beside the pool? Again, I don’t mind. Just don’t step on the growing veges.
  5. Locate Big Black Bin. Shouldn’t be hard. There are two of them. Now you choose. Either one. Put the compost scraps inside one of them – or half in each. Again, I don’t mind.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 in the reverse order

Five steps. Or ten if you count getting back to the kitchen.
Aha, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it IS too hard.
Maybe the fact that we used to just dump everything in the garden is a habit so long-ingrained that it cannot be broken out of (then, why oh why, back in those days did the compost usually end up amongst the flower beds instead of the wannabe-vege-patch? Can’t figure that one out…perhaps this is evidence of evolution in process – we have moved up the chain by now managing to get the compost onto the vege garden bed!)

Maybe, just maybe, someone was reading between the lines. Because I sure don’t remember writing anything about “put compost container down” IN THE GARDEN. Not at the front, not at the back. At the garden, the compost container was supposed to stay in the hand. So why is there a blue compost container in the corner of the garden?

By the way, that patch of garden provided us with a wonderful crop of potatoes this summer, then yellow beans and now there are brussel sprouts, cauliflowers and Chinese cabbage for Africa in there… all was not lost. We just dug it in and hoped for the best.

with that I take a bow and declare the posts will slow down…….there are no more pre-written posts to reuse


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