Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

rural dreaming

On occasion I’ve said I’d LOVE to have a cellar full of produce we have grown and preserved. Noone realises I’m serious. The man of the house here will sometimes walk past the other side of the kitchen bench, lowering his body with each step he takes till the kids all know he’s “downstairs in the cellar” now!

As for me, I do what I can…..a straight row of sauces and chutneys (chilli-kiwi is my favourite)

….and the fridge top is covered with jams ~ strawberry ~ pear ~ rhubarb ~ plum and apple ~ pear and ginger and almond ~ apple and plum and grape and blackberry and strawberry (that one is sooooo good, even if it was just leftovers of everything!)

Actually, in spite of not really being a kitchen person, I quite like making them (chutney and relishes I’ve been doing for a few years now, jams I just learnt to do this summer when we still had plums left after eating as many as we could and giving plenty away) – it’s a job you do once and then don’t need to do again for some time! And you can see the results of your labour….day after day. Plus it’s great to know just what has gone into each jar.

And the spiderwebs….we love them too!

Originally written 1 March 2007



  1. […] I’m dead serious. A real cellar would be so useful. It would give me somewhere to store all those preserves and chutneys that I do actually make. It would provide space for a potato box and an onion box (instead of the basket I trip over every […]

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