Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

happy birthday

It’s no-one’s birthday this month (November, when this was first written, one of the few birthday-less months for our immediate family)….well, no birthdays if you don’t include Grandpa Bear, who happens to share Martin Luther’s birthday. Pretty auspicious, huh?

But I can still tell you what we do for birthdays.
We used to have creative parties where the kids made things to take home and helped make the food before they ate it etc etc. But somehow it loses the *zing* when it happens *all the time*……so one year we switched to inviting one friend over for a special dinner. Another year we went to the circus as a family instead of parties at all. Another year we spent a whole day together zipping around the city on trains…and our Christmas present was wooden train track, and our birthday presents were a wooden train each.

This year we had a party. Because it had been a long while since we’d had one.

But even when we don’t have parties, the birthday person gets to choose what we have for breakfast….anything from caramel-self-saucing pudding to bacon and eggs. You see, there are often *things* on in the evening and so we may be rushing, but in the morning Father Bear can stay home a wee bit longer than usual and have a special time with us.

And we always get to have a cake. There’s always a special cake. You can have a look at them here if you like (all five years’ worth minus a couple that we don’t seem to have got photos of), which is really what this post is all about when all is said and done.

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