Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

French Bread

We have been through a many-week-stint of purchasing French sticks after church on Sundays… much so that it has reached Habit Status.
Why have we ended up doing this?
We started the year buying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with hydrogenated oil (and if I wasn’t sure, I just didn’t buy it – I still don’t know about French sticks, but my suspicions are……well, obviously they are merely suspicions, and certainly of less consequence than my principles!)
We make perfectly good bread ourselves. Much better even than store-bought-fluff-that-leaves-you-hungry-in-spite-of-eating-twice-as-much-as-usual.
And to top it all off, we end up coming home with a plastic bag which is really not good for anything other carrying French sticks in – and we all know what I think of that!
What is a girl to do about it?
a) stop buying French bread until all ingredients are identified
b) take plastic bag to church in anticipation of the spontaneous bakery-drive-by on the way home
c) buy two linen tea towels at an op shop while you’re waiting for KnitWorld to open….then you come home and turn them into French Stick Carrying Bags.

By the way, that’s not French bread in the bag. That’s perfectly good homemade sourdough bread (recipe coming).


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