Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

dinner on a bad day

What was one to do with that much silverbeet? That’s a lot even when there are eleven people to eat it. Especially when there’s three time as much still in the garden.

First of all you get a five year old to wash it and chop it up and throw it in a pot. You get a ten year old to turn the gas on and then off again five minutes later.
You could get a three year old to chop up the potatoes that had been cooked in the fire at the lake and not eaten (but in this case I just did it myself because she was asleep). She helped layer them in a big greased roasting pan though.
Then on with the squeezed-out silverbeet, followed by chopped up broccoli and asparagus and crumbled-up-feta-cheese and a few cubes of old dry yellow cheese.
To top it off, you pour over a dozen eggs and yoghurt all mixed up together. Because the eggy-mixture didn’t cover the greens so well, I covered the dish with a baking tray (too cheap environmentally-friendly to use tinfoil). Bake in the oven until the eggs set.

We had to serve it with lashings of hot chilli sauce coz our family doesn’t do bland very well, and in case you didn’t notice, there were no onions or garlic or chillis or spices of any kind whatsoever in the recipe. This was both unheard of and intentional. I simply couldn’t be bothered. Some days there is enough else going on without coming up with a gourmet dinner as well. Food on the table suffices. Not out of a can is exemplary.

20 November 2007

PS……variations of this dish are frequently Dinner on a Good Day too!


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