Posted by: Rachael | February 28, 2008

at the kitchen bench

Mama, you can’t remember when you were a little kid, can you?

Why not sweets?

Well it was so so long ago.

Oh I can remember all right.

What can you remember? What did you do?

I played with dolls and took them for walks in the pram.

Where did you take them?

Just round our section…out in the garden….up and down the driveway. And I made chocolate mud pies in the sandpit and all sorts of salads and cakes with grass and leaves and sticks.

OOOOH that sounds like fun. I’d like to do that later. I’d like to do it with you.

OK Honey, when we’ve finished making this jam and read a couple of chapters of our book, we’ll go out and make something, shall we?

M5 ran off and I overheard him excitedly telling the others “When the jams has set and we’ve done some more reading Mama’s going to collect sticks and leaves with me and we’ll make cakes, oh, and grass too”

21 September 2007


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