Posted by: Rachael | February 27, 2008

pretty pantry

One day ~ in my farmhouse ~ I’ll have a cellar. But for now I’ve got a pantry….and a mighty tidy one at that. We (that would be the we consisting of me, myself and I while everyone else made themselves scarce) cleared it all out the other day. I love tidy! And now it’s clean as well. I even cleaned ON TOP (for the first time in about three years). Slowly I’m replacing the plastic containers with glass ones…or tins or baskets and even a cinnamon bark one for the sugar to make it smell delish. It’s a project I’ve been working on sporadically for a few years now and we’re almost there. Not much plastic left now.
I hear rumours that storing food in plastic is not *good for you* (even if it’s not heated), but I’ve been doing it simply because it’s aesthetically pleasing and I like the feel of natural materials! I figure if I can being a little beauty into routine everyday tasks, nothing is lost, and we stand to gain plenty.


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